Qcloud Reporting Reimagined

Unleash the Power of Call Center Analytics

Qcloud Informal Call Center

Gain real-time insights into your call center

Qcloud provides seamless integration into existing call center technology and systems, ensuring confidence that analytics are always up-to-date. Call center licenses are not required to monitor and report on key performance indicators, monitor queues, track calls, and analyze data like transferred and forwarded calls, caller ID, and dialed digits.

Qcloud Reporting Reimagined

Qcloud Dashboards You Define

Qcloud’s dashboard features enable viewing of the call data that matters most to the business, such as the performance of queues, caller abandonment rates, and agent activities. Qcloud also provides a straightforward customization process to meet specific needs.

Qcloud Reporting Reimagined

Easily Manage Queues and Agent Performance

The platform enables keeping track of agents and ensuring heavy call volumes are handled with the needed coverage. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal training. In addition, expert technical support and training resources are available to ensure maximum ROI.

Experience Cutting-Edge Features

Qcloud Reporting Reimagined

The Natural Language Process

Uncover hidden patterns and relationships within the data that may not have been immediately apparent

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in Qcloud to enhance data analysis and visualization. By integrating NLP into Qcloud, users can gain insights from their data by asking questions in natural language, making data analysis more accessible and intuitive. 

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